Getting Started . . .

Most companies want to start with a quote for their business cards.  Then, they typically want to demo a site to see how that works. Finally, they want to understand timeframes.  This section will walk you through some of the details of that process.

Quoting your business

There are a number of items needed in order to quote your business.  In order to get you a firm quote, we need the following items:


  1. Art. This can be a pdf or other digital file, or it can be a sample or samples of work you want us to produce for you. If you have very specific color needs, a physical sample will be very helpful.
  2. Stock. Please let us know what paper stock (or stocks) you want us to price.  If you are not sure, give us a call, and we can help you with options.  If you are not sure what your card is printed on, send us a sample, and we will figure it out.  We can also suggest options that help you get the best value.
  3. Order Quantity.  This has two aspects, the lot sizes you require and the number of orders you typically place.  Lot sizes are typically 250, 500 or 1000 cards, however, we often get requests for higher amounts.  Your order history over the past year will help us understand the number of lots we will be printing.
  4. Order Interval. Many of our corporate customers require a five-business-day turn, and we can batch and run orders weekly with a set cut off.  We can also accommodate rushes or out-of-pattern orders with a rush charge.  The optimal order interval is impacted by order quantity, however, generally the longer the interval, the lower the price.
  5. Print. We offer both offset (raised and flat) and digital print options.  We will look at your art and colors and help you make the print decision that offers the best value and quality.
  6. Color. For offset print, we need to know what colors to print.  For digital print, our HP Indigo technology gives us tremendous flexibility in hitting colors.  For larger customers we will color match digital print to a sample.  This is an intensive and iterative process and there is a fee involved.  Once we get the color formula to your satisfaction, we lock it in, and you will get consistent color every time.
  7. Shipping. We will pass along our actual shipping costs.  These costs will be displayed at point of order.  Our standard shipping is via Fedex Ground where we have favorable negotiated rates; however, we can accommodate other shipping options.
  8. Special Effects. We can corner round in five radii and we UV coat in gloss and satin. If you are interested in these special effects let us know, and we will include pricing in our quote.
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